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When potential customers are researching you online, they’re getting to know you through the content on your website. So understandably, many of them might be skeptical or hesitant to trust you right away.

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A testimonial is an honest endorsement of your product or service that usually comes from a customer, colleague, or peer who has benefited from or experienced success as a result of the work you did for them.

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Testimonials come in different formats, but there are a few distinct qualities that all good testimonials have. Here’s how to write a testimonial that inspires and motivates readers.

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Although testimonials are easy to fake, your readers will likely know when an opinion is genuine or not. An authentic testimonial will show how the customer’s problem and how your product/service improved the customer’s life.

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Therefore, great testimonials talk about specific benefits that product/service provides. Using statistics is an excellent way to add details to a testimonial. If it isn’t possible to use statistics, detailing the problem and sharing a story of how the product specifically helped solve the problem is another way to create a convincing testimonial.

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