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Article: How does our daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation affect us? Maybe more than we think

Jak nás každodenní vystavení elektromagnetickému záření ovlivňuje? Možná více, než si myslíme

How does our daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation affect us? Maybe more than we think

Nowadays, we are constantly surrounded by wireless technologies such as WiFi networks and mobile devices. These emit high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which we are exposed to practically continuously. At the same time, a growing number of studies indicate that this radiation can have negative effects on our health, especially on the functioning of mitochondria and cognitive function.

What happens in our body when exposed to EMR?

A recent study in rats showed that exposure to EMR at a frequency of 2450 MHz, which is very close to the commonly used 2.4 GHz frequency of WiFi networks, can lead to:
1. Impairment of mitochondrial function and integrity
2. Increased expression of amyloid beta protein and release of cytochrome-c
3. Activation of apoptotic factors (caspase-9 and -3) in the hippocampus
4. Decrease in acetylcholine levels and increase in acetylcholinesterase activity
These changes were manifested by significant cognitive deficits in the investigated animals. Although further studies are needed to confirm these effects in humans, it is clear that we should not underestimate the potential risks associated with EMR exposure.

Are we in danger?

WiFi networks and mobile devices are ubiquitous today, and many of us are exposed to their radiation for a significant part of the day. The frequencies they use (2.4 GHz for WiFi, 700-2600 MHz for 4G LTE) are in a similar range to those that had negative effects in the mentioned study.
In addition, with the advent of 5G networks, the frequency spectrum used is expanding up to the 24-86 GHz band. However, the long-term effects of these high frequencies on human health are still poorly researched.

What can we do about it?

While EMR exposure cannot be completely avoided in today's world, there are steps we can take to minimize potential risks:
1. Limit exposure: Try to reduce time spent near EMR-emitting devices, especially if they are not absolutely necessary. For example, don't leave WiFi on overnight and don't carry your cell phone in your pocket all the time.
2. Distance from the source : EMR intensity decreases with the square of the distance from the source. Even a small increase in distance from transmitting devices can significantly reduce your exposure.
3. Use wired alternatives: Where possible, consider using wired connections instead of wireless. For example, ethernet instead of WiFi or wired headphones instead of Bluetooth.
4. Support for further research: It is important to continue to investigate the potential health impacts of EMRs and find ways to develop safer technologies. Support this research and stay informed about the latest findings.


While we appreciate the convenience and benefits that wireless technology brings us, we should not ignore the potential risks associated with long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Growing scientific evidence suggests that this radiation can negatively affect our health at the cellular level, with possible effects on cognitive function and overall vitality.
It is time we become aware of these risks and start taking steps to minimize our exposure. At the same time, we should support further research in this area and strive for the development of safer technologies. Only with an informed and proactive approach can we protect our health in the age of ubiquitous wireless networks and devices.​​​​​​​​

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