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Article: Sleeping in Natural Darkness: The Path to Better Health and Performance

Spánek v přirozené tmě: Cesta k lepšímu zdraví a výkonnosti

Sleeping in Natural Darkness: The Path to Better Health and Performance

Are you longing for really quality sleep that will fill you with energy and optimism every morning? The key to this transformation is sleeping in natural darkness, without the distractions of artificial lighting. The latest study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences makes fascinating findings about how even seemingly harmless evening light can disrupt your sleep rhythms and rob you of hours of deep rest. Let's delve into the secrets of this study together and discover how to ensure a truly restorative night with the help of simple tips.

Dimmed evening light: A hidden threat to your sleep

A study revealed that just two hours of exposure to dim light before bed is enough to delay our circadian rhythms by 2 to 3 hours. This means that even if we go to bed at the usual time, our body will still be in wakefulness mode and it will be much harder to fall asleep. Dimmed light also affects the quality of our sleep - we spend less time in the deep, restorative stages of sleep. As a result, we wake up in the morning sleep-deprived, without energy and with the feeling that something is missing.

Impaired memory and concentration: Consequences of poor quality sleep

Poor quality sleep is not only manifested by fatigue and irritability. The study also showed that exposure to dim light in the evening negatively affects our short-term memory and ability to concentrate. Therefore, if you spend the evening with dimmed light and in the morning you wonder why you cannot absorb new information or concentrate on work, it may be the result of disturbed sleep.

Natural darkness: Your ally for perfect rest

The solution is to let our evenings and nights be enveloped in natural, deep darkness. In such conditions, our body can regenerate perfectly - sleep cycles run smoothly, cells are repaired, the brain sorts through memories and emotions. We then wake up in the morning refreshed, full of energy and with a clear mind, ready to make the best of our day. In short, quality sleep in the dark is essential for our physical and mental health.

Helpers on the way to perfect darkness

Do you also want to treat your body to this healing sleep, but don't know how to deal with the omnipresent light? Here are two handy helpers to ease your way into the arms of deep darkness:
1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Special glasses, such as those from, act as a filter to absorb unwanted blue light from screens and artificial lighting. Thanks to them, you can even work on the computer or watch TV in the evening without disturbing your sleep rhythm.
2. Smart lighting CLOCK: This smart light will help you create the perfect conditions for healthy sleep. In the evening, it surrounds you with soothing warm tones without the blue component, and in the morning it wakes you up with a gradually increasing brightness that simulates a natural sunrise. Falling asleep and waking up will be natural and pleasant.
3. Blackout curtains or blinds: Invest in good quality blackout curtains or blinds that will not allow any outside light into the bedroom. This ensures perfect darkness throughout the night, regardless of street lights or moonlight.
4. Electronics-free bedroom: Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary by removing all electronics - TV, computer, phone chargers. Not only will you get rid of distracting light, but also the temptation to spend time on social networks or watching movies instead of sleeping.
5. Cool in the bedroom: The ideal temperature for sleep is between 16 and 19 °C. Too high a temperature can disrupt sleep and cause more frequent awakenings during the night. On the contrary, the pleasant coolness will help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep.
6. Silence or white noise: Make the bedroom as quiet as possible. If ambient noise keeps you awake, try using a white noise generator or earplugs. The monotonous sound of white noise can mask disturbing noises and induce a pleasant feeling of calm.
7. Comfortable mattress and pillow: A poor quality mattress or pillow can cause back pain, neck pain and frequent tossing and turning during the night. Invest in quality sleeping equipment that will provide your body with perfect support and comfort throughout the night.
8. Smartphone in flight mode and out of the bedroom: Not only does flight mode prevent disturbing emissions, but removing the phone from the bedroom also saves us from the temptation to "quick check something" in the middle of the night. Blue light from the display and mental stimulation from browsing social networks or news are the last thing we need before sleep. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, consider getting a separate alarm clock or move the phone to the next room - the alarm can be heard through the door.
9. WiFi off: Electromagnetic radiation from WiFi routers can disrupt sleep and affect the quality of rest. Before going to bed, turn off the WiFi router or at least move it out of the bedroom. This step, along with removing the phone, will help make your bedroom a true oasis of peace and relaxation.
With these helpers and tips, you will turn your bedroom into the perfect environment for a deep, undisturbed sleep​​​​​​​​

Two hours before bed: Time for yourself and your peace

The study also suggests that the two hours before bed are the most important. That's why it's ideal to spend this time only on relaxing activities - put away the electronics, dim the lights and allow yourself a moment of peace reading a book, listening to music or light exercise. With the gradual transition to darkness, your mind calms down and your body prepares for a refreshing sleep.

Awaken to a life full of vitality

Friends, getting quality sleep in natural darkness is one of the best gifts you can give your body and mind. With the findings of this fascinating study and the help of handy tools, you too can wake up every morning refreshed, energized and clear-headed, ready to tackle the challenges of the new day. Make deep darkness your ally and open the door to a life of greater vitality, well-being, and better memory and concentration.
Try these tips and share your experience with us. We are curious how your sleep has changed and how you feel full of strength and optimism!​​​​​​​​​​

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