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Article: WASHÍK vitamin shower filter: An oasis of health, beauty and pleasure in your bathroom

Vitaminový sprchový filtr WASHÍK: Oáza zdraví, krásy a potěšení ve vaší koupelně

WASHÍK vitamin shower filter: An oasis of health, beauty and pleasure in your bathroom

Imagine walking into your bathroom and immediately being surrounded by a fresh, invigorating scent that seems to wash away all the worries of the day. You step into the shower and instead of ordinary water, gentle rain falls on you enriched with vitamins and plant extracts that pamper your skin and senses. This is the experience brought to you by the vitamin shower filter - a small miracle that turns the daily routine into a healing ritual full of pleasure.

Health and vitality for the whole family

A shower filter is not only a matter of personal care, but also of responsibility towards those closest to you. It is especially important for the health and development of our children. Children's skin is naturally thinner and more permeable than adult skin, making it much more vulnerable to harmful substances present in water, such as chlorine. Long-term exposure to chlorine can lead to drying and irritation of sensitive children's skin, eczema and other skin problems. Chlorine also irritates the eyes and respiratory tract, which can be especially dangerous for children with asthma or other respiratory problems.
A study published in the "American Journal of Epidemiology" revealed that children who are regularly exposed to chlorinated water have up to 80% higher risk of developing asthma and other respiratory diseases compared to children who bathe in filtered water. Another study published in the "Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology" pointed to a link between chlorine exposure and an increased incidence of atopic dermatitis in infants and toddlers.
In addition, a recent study published in the prestigious "Journal of Pediatrics" revealed an alarming link between early exposure to chlorinated water and delayed speech development in children. Research suggests that chemicals present in chlorinated water can affect the nervous system and cause subtle changes in the brain that manifest as delayed speech and cognitive development.

Symptoms of chlorine skin damage:

1. Dryness and tension of the skin
2. Itching and burning
3. Redness and irritation
4. Peeling and scaling of the skin
5. Formation of cracks and small wounds
6. Worsening of existing skin problems (eczema, psoriasis)
7. Loss of the skin's natural hydration and protective barrier
8. Susceptibility to infections and inflammation
9. Accelerated skin aging
10. Loss of elasticity and softness
The vitamin shower filter with a built-in filter system and vitamin gel effectively removes chlorine and other harmful substances from the water, creating a safe and gentle environment for your children. In addition, gentle plant extracts and moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid help keep baby's skin soft, supple and protected. With the vitamin filter, you give your children the best start in life and support their healthy development from the first days.

An experience of sensory harmony

Showering with a vitamin filter is not only a cleansing of the body, but also an uplifting moment for your mind and soul. Gentle essential oils and carefully selected fragrances - grapefruit and lavender, transform the bathroom into an oasis of calm and relaxation. Let yourself be carried away by a fresh breeze of citrus that will energize you for a busy day, or immerse yourself in the soothing arms of lavender before bed. The aromatherapeutic effects of the shower will calm your mind, relieve muscle tension and induce a feeling of harmony and well-being.

Visible beauty inside and out

With every drop of vitamin water, your skin comes to life. The antioxidant power of vitamin C fights the signs of aging, while hyaluronic acid and milk powder intensively hydrate and smooth the skin. Plant extracts such as evening primrose oil and Houttuynia cordata extract soothe irritation and act as a shield against free radicals. Day after day, you will observe how your skin becomes more radiant, smoother and visibly healed. The shower filter will become your faithful ally on the way to the beauty that radiates from your insides.

A new dimension of home comfort

The vitamin shower filter is not just an addition to your bathroom, it is a gateway to the world of real well-being and life balance. Turn your bathroom into a place where time has stopped and where you can fully surrender to the present moment. Treat your senses to daily stimulation and let yourself be pampered by the beneficial effects of nature. With our innovative technology and carefully selected ingredients, we bring you a piece of luxury and pampering that your body and soul crave.


Choose the WASHÍK vitamin shower filter from endala and take a step towards comprehensive care for yourself and your loved ones. Bring fresh air, uplifting scents and the power of nature into your bathroom. Turn your daily shower into a healing ritual that will give you energy, brighten your skin and restore your inner balance. Protect the health and beauty of your family, knowing that you are giving them the best. Because you deserve the best - for your health, beauty and well-being. Vitamin filter - your gateway to the world of perfect harmony.​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Dobrý deň, je vynikajúca kniha: Steve Myerowithz – VODA NEJVĚTŠÍ LÉK:
Momentálne máme na sprche uhlíkový, ale chceli by sme KDF.
Máte nejaký sprchový filter s médiom KDF?
Proste chceme tú vodu kvalitne vyčistiť a yhlík na teplú vodu najskôr nie je moc efektívny
P.S.: upozornenie na dôležitú informáciu: DAVID R. HAWKINS – kniha LÉČENÍ A UZDRAVENÍ – jediná veta z tejto knihy môže mať účinok ako najlepšia terapia, v prípade napr. zlepšenia zraku a odstr. okuliarov už po jedinej vete je zrak lepší… veľmi účinné.

Arkan Levov,, tel. +421 32 240 00 65


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